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Past Projects

Demand for Niche Coverages, Threats to the IA Channel and Carrier Communication Key Topics in 9th Annual Insurance Survey - 2016

ChannelHarvest2015AggSurveyCover2016Channel Harvest Research has launched its ninth annual study of agent-carrier relationships. Each of our larger, comprehensive survey projects collects information from more than 1,000 agents. But each study is different.

It's all based on what our insurance carrier customers want to know for strategic purposes. We continue to uncover agents' attitudes about your field reps, carrier training techniques, agency smart phone and tablet usage, agency growth plans, and more.

Product and Pricing Information for 2016 Survey

Summary: Key Success Factors In Agent/Carrier Relationships - 2015

Surveys and Products Prior to 2015

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Survey Probes P&C Agent Carrier Relations, How They Rank Firms, Use Mobile Tools – 2014

Key Success Factors for Home Purchase Mortgage Originators - 2014

Survey on Referrals Helps Lenders Increase Home Purchase Market Penetration - 2013

New Research Provides Carriers Strategic Actionable Data for Agency Relations - 2013

Key Factors in the Referral of Homebuyers to Mortgage Originators - 2012

New Survey to Show Carriers How to Earn More Business From Agents - 2012

Real Estate Agents Report on Lender And Servicer Performance - 2011

What Independent Agents Say Counts Most in Carrier Relationships - 2011

Campbell/Franchise Times Survey of Potential Franchise Investors on Key Factors in Decisions

What Independent Agents Say Matters Most to Them - 2010

How Federal Purchasers View IT Contracting and Vendors

Choosing Hotels for Meetings: An Evaluation of Major Hotel Chains and Independent Properties